Rules And Regulations

School Rules

Every student must have a school diary, which must be brought to school everyday.
It is compulsory for the pupil to wear clean uniform on all school days. Parents are requested to ensure that their children come to school neatly dressed.
UNIFORM FOR BOYS. Fann coloured Shorts and Red Stripped Shirts. White Socks and Black Shoes. UNIFORM FOR GIRLS. Red Stripped Shirt and Fann coloured Pinafore. White Socks and Black Shoes.
Pupils must be in school before the first be ll at 8.55a.m. late arrival is punishable.
LEAVE LETTERS. Parents should submit leave letters to the class teacher in case they need leave for their children.
Parents should sign the progress cards of their children and take necessary action on the remarks given in the reports.
Parents should ensure punctual attendance of their children.
The Hand Book would be checked by the parents everyday for the Home Work and for the remarks given by the Teacher.
No jewellery or Flowers should be worn by pupils.